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Early Abortions by pill or vacuum


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Early Abortion By Vacuum Aspiration

Early Abortion by Vacuum Aspiration is used for first trimester abortions and can be necessary if complications arise during an abortion by pill, or if there is a spontaneous miscarriage. Vacuum Aspiration is safe, effective and the procedure itself takes only about 5-10 minutes.

The procedure is done in a surgical setting and women are under general or local anesthesia. Vacuum Aspiration is completed by using a gentle suction to remove the pregnancy. The doctor will examine the uterus and insert a speculum into the vaginal canal. A numbing medicine will be injected near or around the cervix if the patient chooses not to go under general Anesthesia. Dilators (if necessary) will be used to open the cervix and insert a suction device to empty the uterus. This procedure will induce cramping, similar to period pains during the Vacuum Aspiration.

After the procedure, women will be asked to rest in the recovery room for about 30 minutes to an hour. The patient will be accompanied by a highly trained professional through-out the entire process to allow for a comforting and safe experience.