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6 to 11 weeks

A decision to have an abortion may seem complicated, but choosing an abortion procedure does not have to be. Surgical abortions are far more expensive and certain complications such as uterus perforations and infections are a risk. For women who feel anxious in a surgical setting, and want to receive more private care, this treatment is a more viable option. This NAF protocol treatment is 95% effective. To receive this medical treatment an office visit is required to fill out personal and medical history forms. This treatment is similar to a protocol adopted by the National Abortion Federation and is available after confirmation of IUP (intrauterine pregnancy) of at least 6 weeks and a maximum of about 11 weeks confirmed by sonographic revelation, documented by a picture. Undesired pregnancies from 6 weeks to about 11 weeks can now be terminated with a medical treatment consisting of two parts. This entails taking 400 mg of Misoprostol by mouth (inserted into cheeks) and 800mg vaginally in a single visit. Misoprostol is a prostaglandin that helps contract the uterus to induce menstrual period-like bleeding. In normal volunteers, Misoprostol is rapidly absorbed after oral administration with a T-max of Misoprostol acid of 12 ± 3 minutes and a terminal half-life of 20 to 40 minutes. There are no long-term effects of this treatment.

Why the Misoprostol combination treatment?

n addition to privacy, simplicity and its success rate, this treatment is safe and is widely used to replace surgical abortions provided in unregulated Abortion clinics. This treatment has now become the number one choice for women all over the world for terminating their unwanted pregnancy at a low cost. Misoprostol is used in inducing labor for full-term deliveries and feels less invasive than a surgical abortion. It has little to no side effects and does not have an effect on future


Appointments: As this is not defined as an abortion procedure but an abortion treatment, it can be done any day of the week in the office or in the privacy of your own home. Appointments are available within 24 hours of your call at even the most desired days and times.

Day of Appointment: You will be greeted in our newly renovated office by qualified, friendly staff. Our staff will administer forms to provide information about your personal and medical history. Once you complete all required forms, you will be accompanied to an exam room where the medical assistant will chart your vital signs and perform two blood tests to get the value of your hemoglobin levels (must be above 10). They will then determine your Rh blood type (positive or negative) and conduct a vaginal sonogram to discuss the results with the doctor or nurse practitioner.

Once the MA receives the approval to start the treatment, the MA will once again go over with your available choices. When you elect to terminate this pregnancy through abortion by pills, she will give you 2 pills of Misoprostol to put in each cheek and let it dissolve ( if you can not hold these in cheeks, she may give you water to take them by mouth). A few minutes later she will help you intern 4 Misoprostol pills in the vagina with the lip of a pill inserted in a specific way. To ensure the medication stays deep under the uterus to be effective, you will stay in lying position for 20 to 25 minutes. At this point, you will feel the effects of treatment may start bleeding but in some cases, it can take up to 72 hours.

What To Expect:

Your bleeding can start within 72 hours of taking this treatment. Cramping pain can range from pain similar to period cramping to moderate pain. Misoprostol works with prostaglandin, Misoprostol to contract your uterus. Taking any pain medication that works against induction of contraction will result in failure of the treatment, especially smoking substances such as marijuana. A heating pad or shower generally helps to ease the pain.


The treatment to end a pregnancy using Misoprostol works by contracting your uterus. Until a day into a heavy period like bleeding, you are required not to take any muscle relaxants, magnesium or green leafy vegetables. Do not drink red wine or any other alcoholic substances during the first week. Use pads only (no tampons) to avoid the risk of infection. To further prevent infection, do not swim or take baths, however, you may shower.

* The following conditions make you ineligible for receiving this treatment*

Are currently using an IUD, which must be taken out prior to taking Mifeprex.

Have a pregnancy longer than about 11 weeks.

Have an Ectopic pregnancy (outside of the uterus).

Have issues with your adrenal glands.

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