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Abortion by Pill

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Early Abortion services up to 11 weeks of pregnancy by pill in a private doctors office at an affordable price ($490-$650)


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We provide safe, gentle and confidential medical abortions on Long Island. As per the abortion law, medical abortions are preferred for an early pregnancy, . We provide abortion services in Long Island, Suffolk County and Nassau County. We are conveniently located in Hauppauge near Brentwood, Smithtown, Stony Brook , Huntington, Islip, and Babylon.

We are focused on providing our patients the most comprehensive information about abortion by pills and resources about available choices when faced with pregnancy decisions.

Specifically, we offer choices that allow women to explore the avenue of adoption and/or the safe ways of terminating a pregnancy. We pride ourselves on our astonishing number of referrals from doctors and previous patients, who felt comfortable and welcomed in our office - as well as know our doctors provide great care.

For Our Patients:

Our staff is the ideal balance of professionalism while fostering a friendly atmosphere. Most concerns or questions can be addressed by information posted in our website, but please feel comfortable by calling our offices to address any other questions or concerns. Once all your options are discussed and a choice is made, all consultations and visits are held in our office, which is ASF certified. We provide safe, gentle, and inexpensive abortion services to our patients, who can rest easy knowing our facility has been providing abortions since 1973. We will work with our patients on abortion costs. Having ASF certified credibility; it goes without saying that we have a state of the art facility. 

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